Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Post

So here it is, my first blog!  I have toyed with the idea of blogging for such a long time, however I never really had the idea of what it was I wanted to talk about that others might be interested in.  Well I am always ALL about delectable lovely things in my life, adding a little bit of delicious in some way into every day: so DELECTABILITY is born.

Delectable:  delightful; highly pleasing; enjoyable.

I look forward to you joining me on this journey, my goal is to inspire others to find their delectable delights in each day, whether it be creating a delicious meal, spending quality time with those you love, giving to others, creating by hand a beautiful gift or card, or even writing some thoughtful words to someone who needs them.

So how are you adding some Delectability into your day today?

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